Ewell House Removals

The name Ewell derives from Old English, which means river source or spring. The village is on this spring line between the chalk of the North Downs and London Clay, and there are springs that are the source of the Hogsmill River.

Known locallly as ‘the flying saucer’ Ewell’s largest landmark is Bourne Hall, an architecturally impressive modernist circular structure with a central glass dome. It is home to the local public library, an underground theatre, gymnasium, café, and museum.

We undertake house and flat removals in and around Ewell, for a free quote please phone or contact us via our enquiry form

If you have parking restrictions outside your home and we need to park a removal van outside your property, you can apply for a suspensions of bays or dispensations on a discretionary basis by the Council. You can find out more here, at resident permit zones.

Despite being based in Cheam and serving Ewell, we are equally happy to help with moves to other parts of Surrey and London. We work in the evenings and at weekends, times that others call ‘unsocial’ but that we recognise as important in fitting in with our clients lifestyles.

So whether you need a trustworthy home removers to move a few item or the entire contents of your home, simply call us on Tel: 020 8945 7848 or email your requirements via our contact page.

“We were very pleased with the speed and care that was exercised in the move. The guys have worked very hard the entire day. I have used many international movers in the past but I must say that this is a truly genuine and professional service which I would be happy to recommend to anyone.” BD

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